Friday, February 19, 2016

Asian Noodle Soup Lab Review

Hey, we actually made something that didn't taste bad. The only thing that I didn't like was that Michael put the tofu in our food when we told him not to. I mean, don't get wrong, I like tofu, but I rather not have it in my asian noodle soup. But over all, it tasted great. I can't wait until we make our cupcakes...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Lemon Meringue Pie Lab Review

Our lemon meringue pie wasn't the best pie in the world. Like I forgot to separate the egg whites from the yolk, so we had chunks of scrambled eggs in our pie. Also our filling was very watery, so Mrs. Carlin, my home ec. teacher, called it a "weeping pie". But over all, our pie didn't taste THAT bad,  it was just how it looked. The presentation was AWFUL. But now we know what we (or I) did wrong, so I doubt this will happen again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Omelet Lab Review

I feel that our teamwork helped us make our omelets and any recipe at that. We also made pancakes and I thought they were great. I think our only problem was who was going to do what. But over all, Our omelets came out really good.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Food Lab Review

In this blog, I will be talking about my previous cooking lab where me and my group made quesadillas and smoothies. For our organization, I would say we were "almost" because we knew what to do but we didn't know who would do what. For our technique, I would rate us a "super" because we got the correct measurements, good cooking, and good dishwashing. For teamwork, I would say a "super" because when we settled the organization part, we work together and did what we needed to.  For the food handling, "super" because we washed our hands before and after, wore an apron, and cleaned the countertops. And finally, for the product, I would rate us a "super" because our smoothies were great, the quesadillas tasted really good, and we had even proportions.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Down With Zoos

Adam Garcia
Period 3
Down With Zoos
Every day, millions of people visit zoos worldwide. I use to love going to the zoo, and you probably do to, but what do you think really happens to them? Most people do not realize that the animals were taken out of their natural habitat just for our entertainment. Although it can be “educational” to the public, it is still a bad thing in more ways than one. Today I am going to be telling three reasons why it is bad, for their sake and ours. Animals should not be kept in zoos because it is animal cruelty, it is dangerous for the people visiting or working at the zoo, and it is bad for the animal's health as well.
        Zoos are a perfect example of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is such a problem that it is now banned in all fifty states. In zoos, the animals are put into a small cage, which has to be absolutely unnatural for them. There was an incident at a zoo (it does not say what zoo) where was a 2 year old giraffe that was fed to a lion. The reason why the zoo did that is because they said the giraffe wasn’t “useful” anymore ( I am sure a lot of animals lose their usefulness eventually but it does not mean you can just feed it to a lion. That is like throwing a crippled man into a pit of sharks just because he is crippled. What I am saying is, even though the giraffe was not “useful” anymore, you do not need to kill it. They should of had let the giraffe die naturally.
In addition, at Toledo Zoo a female bear starved to death because the people at zoo did not know that her species does not hibernate. What they did was lock her up in a room but forgot to put any food or water in the room, so she starved to death ( If I were a part of the zoo employees, I would have seen what kind of bear it was before they lock it up in a room like that. Zoos probably think that they are not doing anything wrong but they are really treating the animals like trash.image
This have been my (and some help from evidence why zoos result in animal cruelty. I think animals should have equal rights as us humans. If you think about it, we are the same as animals, just more “intelligent”. So technically, we are locking up our own kind in cages. Anyways the best part about this essay, I am not even half way done yet.
Zoos can be dangerous to people. For example, say a child falls into a gorilla pit or something, the gorillas first instinct would be to go and check it out. If the gorilla is confused, it will probably going to attack the child and that will not end well. Also, if an animal has an air born sickness and a child gets it, he is probably going to be sick for a while. Also a tapir named Melody bit someone named Lisa Morehead. She tried fought back but lost. Fortunately she survived the attack but lost her arm, got a punctured lung, and suffering facial lacerations (
Another example, if an animal escapes his enclosure, it is going to be a problem, especially for the people there. If someone is taunting the animals, it is going to become temporarily aggressive and might attack one of the employees at the zoo when they are trying to feed them. Also at Franklin Zoo, an African elephant named Mila (she is thirty-nine years old) crushed a forty-two year old man named Schofield with her trunk ( Now there has to be a reason for this random attack. I think it might be because the elephant is mad at the humans because we took them out of their natural habitat. But this is just my opinion, but it is definitely a possibility.The singer Morrissey has called on the Indonesian government to immediately shut down a notorious zoo in eastern Java where hundreds of animals have died or disappeared.
These have been my examples why zoos can also be dangerous for the people at the zoo. Like I said in my intro, I use to love the zoo, but know that I think about it, I do not like to go to the zoo because I over think things like that. But anyways, I am almost done showing you my evidence of why zoos should not exist.
Zoos can also bad for the animals health. If an animal eats something artificial or something they should not for them, it is going to probably going to become sick. Also if they do not clean the animals’ cages they will most likely get sick from that. Another example is, the animals getting drugged. It says that at Scarborough Sea Life Centre the Humboldt penguins are put on anti-depressants to keep them “happy” ( If I were those penguins, I would not be happy. It is also bad for their health because elephants are actually gaining weight at zoos because of what the people at the zoo feed them ( wallaby was left to rot for two weeks and the zoo refused to carry out a post mortem to establish why the animal died
Animals are also going crazy because of zoos. A survey was taken fifteen times in England and Wales that showed felines, elephants, and bearsexhibiting hypnotic”. Being crazy can cause self-harm, harm to others, and weird movements such as swaying your head back and forth. If I were an animal in captivity, I would probably go crazy as well ( Also animals in the wild should stay in the wild. It is like someone taking you out of your house, and I bet you would not like that (
So these has been my reasons on why zoos should not exist. It is animal abuse, it could be dangerous for the people visiting or working at the zoo, and it is bad for the animal's health as well. We can prevent all of this by not having zoos in the first place. There are probably good zoos in the first place, but why take the chances. Zoos are horrible places if you think about it. They do all of the things I said and more. I hope after reading this, you feel the same way I do.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In a Time Long, Long Ago...

Adam Garcia
Period 3
In a Time Long, Long Ago...
        I interviewed my Grandfather, Gary, who is currently 64 years old. I chose him because he is one of the smartest people I know (right next to my Mother) so I thought, why not. We set up the interview over text and then we had the actual interview over the by phone call. I was in my room when I called him and I don’t know where he was but he was probably at his house in his room or his office. I had my laptop open and I was ready to start typing.
        My Grandfather is a really tall and hairy guy. Whenever I hug him, his 5 o'clock shadow pokes my face. He wears glasses that I like to put on when he is not using them for fun. He is a funny guy that talks a lot. He is an Atheist that was once Catholic.
        The first question that I asked him was, what was everything like when you were my age? He said that, most communication was different and that there was a thing called a car phone, and that sounds like a hassle to use. He also said that, there were no answering machine and you would have to share a line on the landline (that would suck) but there is a greater mass extinction now then there was then, and all of the food was local, so then I asked my follow up question which was, do think it was better or worse than when you were my age? It was quiet for a second and then he said that, in some ways, it was better, but then again, it was also worse. He was excited to hear the next question, my Grandfather was always a cheerful guy. My question was, what was your favorite sport to play in high school? He said that, “I was in gymnastics, I loved that, and I also played football, (I never knew that) I was defense and I usually kicked off, and I was in chess club, but I did not play on any teams”, and my follow up question was, do you play any of them today and he said, “no, only chess when you and your brother are here”.
        I told him my next question which is, what subject/class did you have the best grade in? He said, “English, I was good at that and I use to find science and history boring (even though he knows A LOT about both of those know) and even though I use to do theater as a job, I never did it at school.” I asked him was that his favorite class and he said, “No…”  My fourth question was, did you ever get into any fights in high school and he said, yes, so follow up question was, why, and he said, it was over a girl that he was trying to impress, and unfortunately, he lost the fight. My final question was, when you were in high school, what were some of your favorite hobbies. He said that he wanted to be an archaeologist when he grew up, he had a kit and everything. He also used to go skating on the pond by his house in the winter, he said that it was very clear and he said in his own words, “it was like skating on air.” He also used to play baseball in an empty lot with his friends. He would also collect stamps and also baseball cards. He would also sled and crash into piles of snow when he was 16. He would watch TV and he said,” One time, I was watching Godzilla with my dad and I randomly threw a stick at the colorless TV and at that exact moment it hit the TV, sparks went flying everywhere and my dad got so mad at him because he thought that the sparks came from the TV, but they actually were inside the TV because of Godzilla.” He would also like to build forts.

        After our interview, I learned a lot about my Grandfather. I learned that, there was a thing called a car phone, there is a greater mass extinction now then there was when my Grandfather was my age, he played football, he thought science and history was boring, he has been in a fight and it was over a girl, and he wanted to be an archaeologist. This is why my Grandfather is awesome, I bet I still don’t know everything about him.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Creeper is Creepy

I read a book called Calling All Creeps by R. L. Stine and I thought it was a good book. It is a book about a kid named Ricky Beamer who gets kicked off the school paper by a girl named Tasha because of an accident. What happened is he grabbed a Pepsi and opened it and one of his enemy's, Wart, wanted that Pepsi, so he grabbed for it, so Ricky pulled it away but it slipped out of his hand and spills all over Tasha's keyboard. Now he wants to get back at Tasha with his friend Iris. He puts in the paper "If you're a real Creep, call Tasha at 555-6709 after midnight". After that he gets a call from someone who says he is a Creep. I thought that part was cool because some how a "Creep" calls him, not Tasha. The next day he looked at the paper and it had his number instead of Tasha's. Then he got letter that asked when the Creep's will meet and when they finally do it is Wart, David, Jared, and Brenda, a surprising twist.